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  1. Not very practical. It’s a nice compendium but difficult to find the right size pad to insert. The leather is not as soft as pictured and the quality doesn’t warrant the price.

  2. Purchased this as a gift for ky mentor who was moving to another state. The planner itself was beautiful. However I paid $25 for express shipping and despite this my package took ten days to arrive, which meant I was already away on leave and was not able to personally give it to her. Disappointing given I have checked the estimated delivery and it promised a much shorter time frame of 1 to 3 days.

    LH Team: Hi Georgena, thank you for sharing your feedback. I appreciate your kind words about the planner and understand the importance of timely deliveries, especially for special occasions. I recognise that the shipping timeframe did not align with your expectations, and I want to address your concerns.

    Our standard processing time for orders is 1-3 business days, in addition to the chosen shipping option. Your order was placed on Wednesday afternoon, 20th December, and it was shipped promptly within 2 business days on Friday, 22nd December.

    The estimated delivery time for express shipping is 1-3 business days + processing time 1-3 business days, and your order had an attempted delivery within 3 business days altogether on 27th December, right after public holidays. While this is within the specified timeframe, I understand that it did not meet your specific needs.

    In the future, if you decide to place another order, you can opt for the “skip the queue” option during busy seasons for a 24-hour processing time. Additionally, giving yourself a bit more time for shipping during peak periods can help ensure your gift arrives on time.

    Once again, I appreciate your feedback and understanding. If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

  3. Some other colour options for the stickers would be good as the gold writing is hard to read on the white and blush options and the black is nice but doesn’t match colour-wise with many of the diary covers.

  4. I did not want the vertical planner. Information on website was too confusing ?

  5. The number of pages are not enough for a year yet it is meant to be a daily planner.

  6. My experience was not at all what I expected. I purchased this notepad as a Christmas Gift for my wife in Mid November and did not receive it until after Christmas. The notepad is great, but there is no way I would have ordered this pad as a gift if I would known it would take 6 to 7 weeks to get to me.

    Reply from LH:
    Hi Andrew,
    thank you for your comment and I am glad that you thought the notepad was great. I just want to clarify for other customers reading this comment that the order didn’t take 6-7 weeks to arrive. Your order was placed on 6th December, processed on 7th December and our approx. international delivery times are 7-15 business days which means the order was most likely due to arrive after Christmas. The delivery time may take longer than the allotted 15 working days if your shipment is delayed by customs or backlog of orders (such as during Christmas) which is completely out of our control. However this was not the case – the USPS tracking says your order was delivered at mailbox on 24th December.
    We are glad your wife loved the notepad.

  7. I am so disappointed by the size of this planner – it’s tiny! I can barely read the script, and there is no way I could fit more than one monosyllabic word in my handwriting. Also, for someone whose weekends are the busiest part of their week, Saturday and Saturday needs their own column! I just feel like you’ve tried to save costs by using the smallest paper you could find… I’m used to generous, A4 diaries with a 3rd of a page to each day, so there is just no way this allows me enough room to fit in everything I need to. The cover is so pretty and I love the “Projects” & goals questions, but honestly, I could do that myself with a much larger diary that I can actually write as much as I like in. It just feels a bit childlike and cheap you know? Not something I would expect of a company whose target market is successful, busy women. I’m sadly sending it back, as its just not functional for me. Please include the dimensions of the diary in its online description in future, so that we aren’t surprised when we receive it. I wish you made a version twice the size, (adult sized), it would be perfect.

    Reply from LH:
    Hi Jacinta,
    thank you for your feedback. We created this diary in the size 15×19.5cm so it nicely fits in your handbag. For clarification, the size of each product is listed on the product pages. A4 size is quite large and we did not have many requests in our customer surveys for this size. Possibly we might add it in our product range in the future however for now we wanted to stick to our core vision which was to make the best planner for women on the go. Our customer feedback confirmed this to be the most convenient size. We understand it won’t fit everyone’s needs. We are happy to refund your planner when it arrives.

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