International Women’s Day on March 8th is a day to celebrate and gift the inspirational women around us.

Our products feature feminine prints and patterns, premium materials, and motivational quotes – perfect for brightening the desks of your hard-working female colleagues, friends, and family this International Women’s Day.

Be a leader who celebrates women this International Women’s Day

As a token of appreciation from leadership, these International Women’s Day gifts symbolise just how valued your women colleagues are while promoting self-care, organisation and productivity in their roles.

Kasia Gospos

A gift for the phenomenal woman

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

– The first words you’ll read in our Phenomenal Women notebook – the perfect International Women’s Day gift idea.

Phenomenal Woman Notebook

This powerfully red notebook is designed to remind the gift recipient of the phenomenal woman that she is, each and every day. It includes inspirational quotes and powerful feminist illustrations by Australian artist, Nancy Chalmers.

The notebook is divided into three unique sections:

Dream: Blank pages for drawing, doodling, daydreaming, and getting creative.
Define: Lined pages to get writing and planning, or simply to get things down.
Do: Dotted pages for to-do lists and bullet journaling.

The gift of self-leadership

This is a beautiful notebook that, with daily use, is sure to unleash the leader within! The recipient can take it to meetings, boardrooms, classes or anywhere else they need to take notes. And when they have space, they can follow the guided prompts to challenge themselves to enhance their leadership qualities.

Meeting Notebook

How much time is wasted in unnecessary, unstructured meetings? Give one of our Meeting Notebooks – a full guide to running effective meetings – and you’ll give back all that time that would have been wasted! It’s time to make meetings work. Not only are they a beautiful gift, but they’ll also help you and your team to work more efficiently and productively.

The gift of self-care

Leadership is more than a title or a position you’re given – it’s a mindset that comes through in every part of your life. And an important part of leadership is being able to look beyond the workplace and encourage self-development and self-care at home.

Our Mind By Design collection is designed to give busy leaders both organisational support and tools to build a fit mind, strengthen mental resilience and improve their overall wellbeing.

Mind By Design Notebook - Mental Resilience Edition - Lavender

Mind By Design Notebook

The Mind By Design notebook is here to help women build mental fitness with the support of encouraging quotes and plenty of space to capture all her notes and plans. Help her to pause in her day so that she has more time later to achieve all that she wants to.

Daily Practice Journal

If you want to help a woman you know start the day off right – in a positive mindset geared for action – then look no further than the Good Morning Good Night Journal. All they need to make gratitude journaling a powerful habit is one page and 5 minutes per day.

Mental Fitness Journal

The Thrive Mind Designer journal is perfect for helping your colleagues flourish in their role. This self-paced journal uses activities to guide their journey to greater mental fitness and resilience, meaning they will recover from setbacks quicker at home and in the workplace.

Mind By Design - Gift of Selfcare

A gift for entrepreneurs, female executives and leaders

The Founder’s Favourites stationery set is perfect for female entrepreneurs, executives and those in any kind of leadership role and an elegant addition to any desk. This International Women’s Day, gift them the tools to translate their ideas into action, make a plan, and make it happen!


Personalised International Women’s Day gifts

Did you know you can personalise almost all our products with the recipient’s initials?

Our leatherette products are monogrammable, so you can add a special touch to any of your International Women’s Day gifts! To add monogramming details, click through to the individual product page. The initials must be entered before clicking ‘Add to cart’.

LH Agenda Dot-Lined Notepad

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