Mothers are incredible and deserve all the praise for everything that they do!

If you’re searching for a beautiful, meaningful gift to give the special mother in your life this Mother’s Day, look no further. And if your kids are out of the nest, or too young to buy gifts online for you this Mother’s Day, worry not. We’ve put together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide so you can treat your fabulous mother OR yourself to exactly what you want – no wilting flowers or IOU’s here!

Gifts for mothers who want to be more calm

These journals were crafted with the help of mental health experts to give you a guided, step-by-step framework to unpack your worries and work through your emotions. Reclaim perspective, understanding and a clearer path toward solutions so you can live your best life.

Meet Yourself Journal - Journaling for Self-Awareness

Gifts for mothers who want to be more organised

There’s always so much to do all the time, right mothers? If you’re struggling to juggle appointments, school events, social outings, and work life, try these gifts for busy mums, including the signature LH Planner for intentional living.

“I like to think of the planner as my companion helping me to navigate the nuances of life.  As a mum of two young boys, the planner allows me to keep on top of my sons’ sporting / school activities and medical appointments, to tracking my coaching clients’, and most importantly nurturing my own well-being through fitness, meditation, and intentional goal-setting.”
Michelle Dickson, Owner, Michelle Dickson Coaching

“My favourite LH Agenda item to use is the LH Planner. I take my Planner with me everywhere. The weekly layout is great for seeing what I have planned for the week and writing down important reminders. What really sets the Planner apart is the Month in Review and Quarterly Review sections.”
Emilia Cardillo, Principal Lawyer, Cardillo Commercial Lawyers

Gifts for mothers who have lots of meetings

Kasia Gospos

“I use the Meeting Notebook to keep all of my meetings organised according to project or type (team meetings, external meetings, etc.). Having a section for each meeting makes things always easy to find! And it helps me keep meetings more personal, because I can write handwritten notes while keeping conversation flowing, instead of the distraction of me tapping away on my computer.”
Kasia Gospos, CEO, LH Agenda

Don’t forget to include a trusty pen – a mum always needs one on hand!

Gifts for mothers who are entrepreneurs

“The Founders Favourites Bundle has been a game-changer for me and anyone juggling the demands of family life, household responsibilities or the overwhelming but satisfying world of entrepreneurship or professional careers. It’s the ultimate bundle for the busy mum or ambitious professional, helping us stay organised and focused on what matters most.”
Michelle Dickson, Owner, Michelle Dickson Coaching

Gifts for mothers who want to be the best they can be

As mothers, we care A LOT for other people. But we must fill our own cups before we can give the best of ourselves to others. Try these gifts to take care of yourself first, starting with an intentional gratitude practice to uplift your day.

Gifts for phenomenal mothers

This powerfully red notebook is designed to remind the gift recipient of the phenomenal woman that she is, each and every day. It includes inspirational quotes and powerful feminist illustrations by Australian artist, Nancy Chalmers.

The notebook is divided into three unique sections:

  • Dream: Blank pages for drawing, doodling, daydreaming, and getting creative.
  • Define: Lined pages to get writing and planning, or simply to get things down.
  • Do: Dotted pages for to-do lists and bullet journaling.

Find the perfect Mother's Day gift with LH Agenda

LH Agenda products use proven mindset and productivity research to guide you through your day, and prioritise your self care, so you feel good while getting more done. Treat a special mother with tools to inspire this Mother’s Day.