The LH Agenda Day Organisers are simplified planners designed for maximum productivity.

Set your top priorities, create to-do lists, capture ideas and notes, all while being motivated by inspirational quotes from thinkers, doers and leaders.

Leaders in Heels Day Organiser

At LH Agenda, we know how important it is for busy leaders to start each day with intention and purpose. We also know that with competing priorities, and demands on your time, it’s easy to fall into workload overwhelm.

We created these simple organisers to bring structure, clarity and action to your day. With the LH signature format, our Day Organisers are the perfect partner for staying on top of your everyday tasks, and making progress on your visions. Available in a variety of styles, suitable for any work or home office environment.

All our products are monogrammable, meaning you can personalise them with your own initials, or make a special gift even more extraordinary!

To add monogramming details, click through to the individual product page and enter the initials before clicking ‘Add to cart’.

What others are saying about our Day Organisers

Leaders in Heels Day Organisers


The format is fantastic! If you are looking for a way to start your day with intentions, purpose and accountability — this is it! Michele Woodhouse


My planner has helped me be more organized and stay on track with my goals but most importantly to prioritize my time so I’m not caught up doing things that aren’t important.  Ashley Sterrenburg


100+ reviews

The layout explained

Our Day Organisers include a simple 2-page layout throughout the planner to deliver daily motivation and help you stay focused.

Work For It Leaders in Heels Day Organiser

Each planner layout includes:

  • An inspirational daily headline or quote to spur you into positive action.
  • Dedicated space for your top 3 priorities for maximum focus.
  • A to-do list just for your top priorities to plan out exactly how you’ll get them done (and check them off as you go!)
  • A container for all the other random to-dos that just keep coming! Keeping these separated from your top priorities means they won’t get lost but they also won’t take you away from what is most important.
  • The unique “Activation Energy” task – choose a simple 5-minute task that will get you started. This should be one step which has little to no resistance. Research shows this initial ‘activation’ gives you the momentum to keep going.
  • Reward planning! There is a special space reserved for declaring your reward to keep you motivated and in action e.g. a dessert, a walk outside, or something new!
  • A section to list everyone and everything you need to follow up with so you won’t forget any of those loose ends.
  • A section to capture your daily notes, doodles and creative ideas.
  • Free space for you to use as you wish such as end-of-day reflections, daily gratitude, highlights and wins, lessons learned… make it your own!

Unlike the LH planners, these organisers do not include big picture life planning, life reviews, or monthly check-ins, making them perfect for the office where privacy is essential or as your secondary planner.

The LH Agenda Day Organisers come in 3 layouts:
  • Daily – with half-hourly time slots (day per spread)
  • Weekly – with printed space for each individual day (week per spread)
  • Signature (featured below) – not calendar based; each spread can be used for one day, multiple days per week, or a project.

This is a sample layout from one of our Day Organisers. Please note: all our organisers have slightly different designs but the concept and features are the same.

Day Organiser Layout Explained
Day Organiser

Other Features

  • An elegant leatherette or linen cover with foil finish so you can be super organised while also looking chic
  • Ribbon page marker so you’re always on track
  • Printed on high-quality 100GSM FSC-certified acid-free paper – beautiful, sustainable and good for the environment!
  • 14.8 x 19.8cm (5.8″ x 7.8″) compact and lightweight so it fits easily in your handbag
  • A thread-bound design to make sure your organiser will open flat on any page

As an easy and accessible place to capture your thoughts on the fly, and filled with daily motivation to keep you moving, the Day Organiser will quickly become a much loved part of your day.

Work For It Day Organiser

Our Day Organisers are perfect for those who:

  • Feel overwhelmed with competing priorities and are seeking clarity and simplicity in their day
  • Like to start each day with intention and purpose and want to make a regular habit of their planning. Your Day Organiser can become your morning ritual to set up your day, wellness and motivation
  • May use digital calendars, but still need a good planning tool on paper to capture things as they go
  • Love our LH planners but want support on a daily level with more space to manage and sort their TO-DOs
  • Want to keep work and personal life separate. Choose our life planner for personal use (life reviews, personal goals and reflection), and our day organiser for office and simplified work planning.


What is 'Activation Energy'?

Our Day Organisers use the concept of Activation Energy to give you the initial boost of action*.

According to research conducted at Harvard University by Shawn Achor, the difference between people who take action and those who don’t, can be attributed to a mental model called “activation energy”. It’s the amount of effort required for you to get up and do a particular task. The lower the effort, the more likely you are to do it.

Achieving anything in life is a series of small steps. Activation energy gets you started; the momentum it generates keeps you going. You take one step, then the next, and the next again, and before you know it you’re on your way.

Think of this planner as your activation energy. Tell yourself you only need 5 minutes each day to get started, because it will take very little effort to open up this book and start planning. Once you do, it will motivate you to keep going!

*except the Make Your Mark planner which is focused more on Leadership.

What is the difference between your various day organisers?

Each day organiser uses the same concept of primary and secondary TO-DOs and the “activation energy” principle (except the Make Your Mark day organiser). Our organisers come in 3 layouts: daily, weekly and signature (see next FAQ). And, as we love to help our leaders create specific daily habits, our organisers come with a predefined theme of inspirational quotes:

  • Make Your Mark – leadership
  • Make It Happen / Better Done Than Perfect – productivity
  • Prioritise What Matters – mental resilience
  • Work for It – determination and confidence

For specific design layouts, please refer to the individual product pages where you will find images specific to the product you’re interested in.

Which planner layout is best for me?

Our Day Organisers come in 3 layouts:

Signature Layout

  • Our 2-page signature layout is not calendar-based, which means there are no hourly time slots or weekdays printed on the page. It’s the perfect layout for those who prefer digital calendars for appointments, and just want to see a clear view of their tasks, priorities, and what needs to be done.
  • Each layout can be used for one day, multiple days, or even a specific project or client. This makes it perfect for freelancers who manage multiple clients, or managers/employees whose work is split across diverse projects and teams.

Daily Layout

  • The 2-page daily layout includes printed hourly slots from 5:30am-9pm. It’s the perfect layout to organise the specific details of each day, or for those who like time-blocking!
  • Each layout is used for one single day so you can organise everything from kick-starting the morning with inspiration, your “Activation Energy” task to get you going, and a step-by-step plan of what needs to be done as you move through the day.

Weekly Layout

  • The 2-page weekly layout includes printed space for each individual day. It’s the perfect layout for those who like to plan out their whole week ahead and see their commitments, priorities, and the focus of each day.
  • Each layout is used for one week so you can clearly see the progress to be made over the week, identify your busiest days to be prepared, and notice where you can slot in some down time!

How many days does your organiser last?

This will depend on the layout you choose and how you will use your organiser.

Our signature organisers have 148 pages in total. This includes an introduction on how to best use the organiser, endpapers, and full page quotes for motivation. You will be left with roughly 66 x 2-page spreads. If you use each spread every day including weekends, your organiser will last approx. 2 months. If you use one spread each weekday Monday-Friday, then it will last approx. 3 months. If you use one spread per week, your day organiser will last over a year!

Our weekly organisers will last 12 months. They have 148 pages which cover 53 weeks + 30 blank notes pages to use as you wish!

Our daily organisers have 196 pages which cover 90 days and will last 3 months if one layout is used every day, or 4 months if used only on weekdays Monday-Friday.

Day Organiser