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  1. I love this! It is my weightloss journal, for a life-time journey/challenge. Therefore, the title is apt & the journal is gorgeous. Well made & feminine.

  2. Cute, but it would have been better if my doggo didn’t chew it before I had a chance to adhere it to my journal!

  3. Love these! A touch of elegance in gold to add to your journal.

  4. A handy & practical product. Keeps journals looking neat & coralled..

  5. Works beautifully & adds a quiet touch of elegance.

  6. The perfect size my cards and my cash when I’m going out. I have used this for a few months it still looks brand new

  7. This has been the only planner I have ever bought that I actually used. I love that it’s not dated so when I have a busy schedule I can use it and when my days are open I don’t have to waste pages. I can come back to it when I need it and all the pages get used. I like how much more sustainable this kind of planner is compared to others in that way

  8. THANK YOU to your amazing team!

    I recently bought the Blissful State of Mind Journal and have loved the impact it has had on not only improving my overall organisation needs, but the beautiful layout which inspires me to use this journal on a daily basis. I LOVE everything about this journal and have received many compliments on how aesthetically pleasing it is – the fonts, inspiring / reflecting quotes and dotted page layout. I cannot wait to experiment with more of your products and thank you for producing such helpful and beautiful material which really stands apart from other products I have used before! I cannot wait to see what other beautiful products you continue to bring out!

  9. The pen loop on this book is brilliant.. love it

  10. I love the clasp on this notebook.. fabulous

  11. A great organiser for day 2 day work use

  12. Love the design and positive messages

  13. Favorite pens, use them everyday

  14. Love the layout and worksheets. Carry me motivated and organized.

  15. The best I’ve ever had! Even though there are three, they are EXACTLY what I needed!

    I have so many partially used organizers I’ve purchased I’m just not happy with, that they have now become dust collectors. They don’t provide the sections I need to keep me organized, nor the separation of them to keep my mind straight. Bullet journals don’t help my ADHD brain AT ALL and are actually more distracting and difficult.

    I waited at least a month before writing a review.

    The planner keeps my goals and projects organized and easy to track. It’s my once a week, once a month, and quarterly go-to. Since I’m so busy with work, this is more of a self care planner. This is where I make sure I make time for myself so I don’t get so overwhelmed with work. Self care is vital to work success. Even though they are separate, they are still connected. I still have work goals and projects here, but more so that I make sure my time is balanced and productive. This may change over time, but right now, my self care and life work balance is where I struggle the most.

    My day organizer keeps me on track with my daily To-Do list and follow-ups, personal and business. Here, I can prioritize both self and work. It’s where I organize my entire day from wake-up to sleep, from workouts to meetings, from meditation to projects.

    My meetings journal is the one I use entirely for work, since my day is FILLED with meetings! It’s so easy to go back and pull information from a previous meeting, keep track of delegations and responsibilities, and jot notes throughout. Before I had the meeting organizer, I wasted time gathering notes from different notebooks, emails, files. This keeps all relevant info in one location. It’s even changed the way I file things. The perforated pages and color coded tabs are PERFECT and help me keep related meetings together!

    I am a literal paper trail person, as the digital world can be lost with a glitch. I may be old school, but these organizers are what I needed and the wait (AUS to USA), was WELL worth it!!! They fit in my purse and I take them with me everywhere because I never know when an opportunity, or obstacle, will present itself. It also lets the people I’m with know that they are important, and I’m not just texting randomly on my digital device in their presence. Perception – it actually DOES make a difference.

    With all that being said, this is the most organized I’ve been between work and life, in years! My mind actually feels like I can take a moment to relax. When I feel a moment of panic, I can just look at the planners, and KNOW exactly where the information is. I’m no longer opening a drawer full of partially used planners trying to dig through them to find the information I need.

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