Build mental resilience and achieve greater wellbeing through positive habit making.

Mind By Design resilience, wellbeing, mental fitness, mental health
Mind By Design resilience, wellbeing, mental fitness, mental health

The importance of caring for our mental health alongside physical health becomes more evident as we respond to the busy-ness of modern life. The LH Agenda Mind by Design collection brings you all your everyday stationery and organisational support, with an added focus on strengthening mental fitness.

These products are a powerful approach to whole mind-body health. The nurturing content such as prompts, lessons, research and quotes will help you build resilience and mental wellbeing through positive habit making and daily practice.

build a FIT MIND

strengthen your MENTAL RESILIENCE


Mind By Design resilience, wellbeing, mental fitness, mental health

Our Mind By Design collection will help you:

  • Be more present
  • Develop a positive outlook on life
  • Better cope with everyday stress
  • Recover from difficulties quicker
  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Bring mental clarity
  • Cultivate a strong healthy mind
  • Improve your overall wellbeing
  • Thrive and grow

How to build mental fitness and resilience


It’s easy to read about how to improve mental fitness, but the only way to make lasting changes is to develop positive new habits through everyday practice. That’s why our collection is designed to help you with prompts, thoughts and mini lessons that are applicable to everyday work and home life, so they may become part of your daily routine. We’ve found that building mental fitness and resilience involves three pillars:


Sleep and Energy
Your Surroundings
Digital Space


Self and Values
Purpose and Goals
Time for Self


Thoughts and Mental White Space
Stress and Coping Strategies
Beliefs and Growth Mindset

All three pillars are covered in the daily practice prompts in our Mind By Design products.

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Thrive Mind Designer – Self-coaching Journal for Mental Resilience

This self-paced, self-coaching journal will guide you through three key pillars involved with building mental fitness and resilience. Each pillar contains topics which are explained and supported by questions and suggested activities to apply in your life. The Thrive Mind Designer will help you feel a sense of overall wellbeing, recover from difficulties quicker, and not just cope with everyday life but thrive and grow.

THRIVE Mind Designer - Self-coaching Journal for Mental Resilience

Praise for The Mind Designer Journal

Elise Leon, Board certified mental health and wellness coach, CEO, Live Fully Company

Mindset is key to achieving anything you want in life. The Mind Designer Journal is an amazing journal to get you started on your journey to a better future. Thank you for creating this collection and being a part of the efforts and the conversations about mental health and wellness.

Cath Nolan, Managing Director, Gender Gap Gone

The Mind Designer is a luxe warm hug, a reason to celebrate reflection and a path back from our collective ‘meh’ – a return to feeling connected to self, to purpose and to others. Mind Designer is for professionals, for all humans. I want copies for everyone I know.

Good Morning Good Night – Daily Practice Journal

Research shows that daily journaling can assist in processing our experiences, and a daily gratitude practice can help us develop a positive and present outlook on life. This Good Morning Good Night Journal will support you in making journaling a habit in less than 5 minutes a day using our simple and guided structure of one page per day.

Worry Be Gone - Clarity Journal - Vanilla

Worry Be Gone – Clarity Journal

The LH Agenda Worry Be Gone Journal is designed to give you a guided, step-by-step framework to unpack your worries so that you may gain perspective, understanding, and a clearer path toward solutions. It is a guided tool to apply to your worries, problems, and decisions to help you reduce overwhelm, see clearly through your options and shift from mental chatter to mental clarity.

Meet Yourself Journal – Journaling for Self-Awareness

The Meet Yourself Journal will help you witness, understand and explore your emotions safely through guided prompts and plenty of space for free writing. This dedicated space to write about your experiences will help develop self-awareness and bring clarity.

Day Organiser - Prioritise What Matters (mental resilience edition)

Prioritise What Matters Day Organiser (mental resilience edition)

This special release of our daily LH Organiser contains quotes promoting mental resilience, wellbeing and a strong healthy mind. It will bring structure and clarity to keep on top of your priorities, whilst also supporting your mental fitness to be at your best to make the impact you are here to make.

Mind By Design Notebook (mental resilience edition)

The LH Agenda “Mind By Design” notebook is a multi-purpose everyday notebook full of inspirational quotes and self-care reminders to help you build positive habits that reduce overwhelm and create mental space to focus on the mark you’re here to make.

Mind By Design Bundles

These already discounted bundles also include a special deal – discounted bulk monogramming!

I thrive because I create my mind by design, not by default.

Mind By Design resilience, wellbeing, mental fitness, mental health
Mind By Design resilience, wellbeing, mental fitness, mental health

*disclaimer: LH Agenda are not medical practitioners and do not provide medical or psychological diagnoses, nor provide medical or mental health advice, treatment or prescription. The information offered in our products is based on our own research, collaboration with experts, learning and experiences. Should you be experiencing a mental health episode, please seek professional assistance from your GP, mental health practitioner, or public services such as LifeLine and Beyond Blue.