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Planners, Diaries and Agendas

Whether you are an avid planner or you prefer to focus on long-term goals, our motivational year planners celebrate the power of women, with specially designed pages to keep you focused on turning your ‘one day’ into today. Designed by a busy woman, for other busy women, they include annual planning, regular life check-ins, personal growth pages, inspirational messages, quotes from successful leaders and so much more!

Inspirational Planners for Women

Filled with inspirational quotes by incredible female leaders and pages designed specifically to help plan & achieve goals & dreams, our LH Planner celebrates the greatness of women whilst encouraging others to follow suit.

Our leadership planners are perfect for…

Leaders and aspiring leaders who want to grow in their leadership. It is the perfect tool for self-leadership and is designed to inspire, encourage and empower women to think beyond themselves and lead & influence others.