Corporate, bulk and custom orders for LH Agenda stationery

Custom Notebooks by LH Agenda
Custom Notebooks by LH Agenda

Looking for thoughtful corporate gifts
for teams and employees?

LH Agenda unique stationery is the perfect gift for talented and ambitious teams and employees. We can prepare a custom mix of inspirational, personalised notebooks, journals and planners depending on your specific needs.


Promoting your employees or supporting their leadership journey with a leadership program?

Our Make Your Mark collection is the perfect way to say ‘Congratulations’ and ‘I believe in you’. It’s a stylish statement that will support them to grow as leaders and keep them motivated.


Welcoming new employees, or farewell-ing existing ones?

LH Agenda day organisers, meeting notebooks, and self-coaching journals are a gift that will stay with them throughout their career.


Planning a conference, retreat or leadership workshop?

Use LH Agenda inspirational notebooks as supplementary material for your attendees during the conference, or as a thoughtful gift for them to take away.

Brands using LH Agenda

Corporate gifts for women

Creating your corporate gifts

All books, folios and small vegan leather gifts can be embossed with the recipient’s initials, company name, or logo in beautiful gold, white matte or black matte foil or simply blind embossed. Personalisation is ideal for leaving a lasting impression, fostering company culture, and strengthening working relationships.

A minimum order of 20 notebooks is required for a logo stamping or embossing company name longer than 3 characters.

Leaders in Heels Monogramming

All gifts can be packed individually in tissue paper and include a complimentary inspirational Manifesto card (subject to availability). These cards serve as bookmarks or can be displayed above workstations as a constant boost of motivation and reminder of the traits that make a great leader.

For an extra touch of elegance (at an additional cost), we offer the option to have them beautifully gift-wrapped in premium wrapping paper and accompanied by a greeting card with your custom message.

The gifts can be conveniently shipped directly to your office, multiple offices, or each individual employee or client address. Simply let us know your preferences, and we’ll handle the logistics.

We offer free standard shipping for single-delivery address orders within Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. For multi-delivery orders, express shipping, or when each gift needs to be sent to a different address, please contact us with your order details, including the items of interest, so that we can provide an accurate shipping fee.

We can also create a fully custom product for you, including white-labeling our existing designs of notebooks, day organisers, or meeting notebooks through Custom Notebooks Australia. This specialised service is dedicated to assisting Australian businesses in creating personalised notebooks and stationery. Please note that these orders require a new print run, leading to a 3-month lead time and a minimum quantity of 1000 units, depending on the product.

Custom Notebooks by LH Agenda
Personalised Gifts for Women

Tirozh Mazoori, Global HR Food Solutions, Unilever

For our Female Leadership Program we ordered Make Your Mark notebooks. Our colleagues from all over the world joined the program and loved this notebook. It was a perfect match of inspiration, leadership and a feminine touch to the notebook. It made the experience extra special, as all details were thought of in this notebook.

I really recommend this for individual use but also for bigger companies that are running a female leadership program. It is a constant reminder and inspiration for the participants of the training or event that in which they can keep track of their thoughts/reflections.

Next to being inspirational, this notebook is just amazing in quality. Everyone can order normal notebooks for their meetings or event but this one is really long lasting and worth the investment. Kasia is a wonderful lady that really helped us with organizing this and the practicalities needed to make it work in our company.
Thank you!!

Amanda Webb, Founder and Director of One Degree HR, General Manager, Xplore for Success

The Make Your Mark journal is ‘gifted’ to all of Emerging Executive Women program participants. It is the perfect self-guiding development journal between workshops and it underpins the individual coaching sessions. Our participants love the reflection exercises, and are engaged and inspired by the creative and discovery activities. It provides a personalized, ongoing reference guide and holds important reflections, career aspirations and big dreams!

The details

Personalised Gifts for Women

$1,000. Please contact us for a quote and discount details.

For bulk orders below $1,000, we provide free standard shipping within Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Simply place your order through our online store to take advantage of this offer.

Monogramming of initials or company names up to 3 characters can typically be completed within 1 business day from the receipt of your order, subject to availability during busy periods. There is no minimum order quantity required, and you can place your order through our website. Simply locate the monogramming box above the “add to cart” button on each product.

If you have a large number of gifts with each requiring different initials, you can send us the list in a spreadsheet via email address We will be able to invoice you directly and provide assistance with your order.

For detailed information about monogramming, please explore our dedicated monogramming FAQ. It covers various topics, including monogramming styles, placements, and answers to frequently asked questions about our monogramming services.

For logo stamping or monogramming a company name longer than 3 characters, we require a minimum order of 20 notebooks. This is necessary to reset our stamping machine. To create the logo block, please allow an additional 7 business days. We will need a vector art file in PDF or AI format sent via email with your order. The maximum stamping area is 50x70mm, although we recommend a smaller logo size.

All samples must be purchased at RRP. A full rebate can be provided when you place your corporate orders.

Order processing times

Most corporate orders ship within 1-3 days of order and payment received – barring times of unusually high order volumes. We will work with you to meet your specific deadline.

If your order requires a logo die, please add an additional 7 business days for the logo die to be made.

Delivery times

Standard delivery times are 1-6 business days for orders within Australia, and 3-15 business days for international orders. These delivery times apply from the day your order is shipped. We can also ship your order via express courier if you have specific deadlines.

When ordering from outside of Australia, please ensure you take customs into consideration. On rare occasions customs are delayed and it takes longer than the allotted 15 working days for you to receive your order. However, this is very rare, and is outside our control.

Please see all currently available unisex products here.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have or work with you on your specific ideas for inspirational gifting!

What skills are you looking to strengthen in your team? All our products are full of inspirational quotes and messages with each collection serving a different purpose.


Make Your Mark Set

Develop the leadership skills of your team members with the Make Your Mark collection (popular with corporate clients).

ASPIRE Career Designer

Ensure your team members reach their fullest potential with the Aspire Career Designer, a valuable coaching tool to reflect, review, plan, and progress their working career.

Aspire Career Designer - Career Planner

THRIVE Mind Designer

Improve the mental resilience of your team members so they can better navigate life’s stresses and setbacks. This journal is a self-paced coaching experience to help develop self-awareness, prioritise wellbeing and thrive at work and home.


Help your team members become the best leaders they can be with planners that simplify work and project management. With space to set intentions, outline priorities and track growth while keeping wellbeing top of mind, these planners can take anyone from unproductive to thriving. Also perfect to use in performance evaluations when reviewing team member’s goals. Choose from daily or weekly planners.

Day Organisers

Give your team members the ultimate tool for everyday planning. Day organisers include to-do lists, reminders on who to follow up with and a space for notes.

Day Organisers


An all round great gift for events, workshops and everyday work.


Help your team members breeze between meetings with a stylish cover for their planner, journal, notebook or organiser. Organise business cards and loose pages with multiple pockets. Also ideal for conferences and work travel with additional space to store credit cards and receipts.

Rollerball Pens

Recommended for celebrating special milestones, these are a luxurious gift that will last throughout their career.

Don’t forget a greeting card! Nothing says thank you like a personal note.

Case studies

Please read below case studies on how we worked with some of our amazing corporate customers on creating custom notebooks. Feel free to bounce your ideas off on us and we will do our best to accommodate your requests!


Who: Xplore for Success provides leadership courses for women.

What: Xplore for Success approached us for inspirational custom notebooks to gift to their female clients. It was perfect timing because we were working on printing 2000 of our Phenomenal Woman notebooks and could produce an extra 500 units just for them!

MOQ: 500 units

Customisation: Custom leatherette cover design with rose gold accents, pages with rose gold edging and product label co-branded with LH Agenda.

Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks
Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks
Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks
Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks
Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks
Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks
Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks
Custom Notebooks Custom Notebooks


Who: Dreaming Big For Little Girls provides creativity and confidence courses for teenage girls.

What: Founder, Jane Harbison, approached us as she wanted to invite tween-teen girls to design their own custom notebooks and then use the books to teach entrepreneurship. By doing so, she engaged girls in the sales and marketing process.

MOQ: 2,000

Customisation: Complete custom design provided by the customer with LH Agenda guidance and production.

Melanie Power Planner

Who: provides coaching and training services for accountants and bookkeepers to help them grow their own businesses.

What: Founder, Melanie Power, wanted to offer inspirational planners for the women attending her workshops. We produced our Phenomenal Woman planner with her own branding on the cover to give her clients a tool to help keep them on track to achieving their goals, long after their session with Melanie.

MOQ: 1,020 units

Customisation: Custom leatherette cover design with rose gold accents and product label co-branded with LH Agenda.


Partnering with LH Agenda to create a bespoke Melanie Power planner for my students was a no-brainer. Kasia is so onboard with the movement of empowering women to own their power and design a life for themselves. Thanks LIH – we Love you.

Melanie Power

Melanie Power Planner Melanie Power Planner
Melanie Power Planner Melanie Power Planner
Melanie Power Planner Melanie Power Planner
Melanie Power Planner Melanie Power Planner