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The LH Planners use proven mindset and productivity research to help you design your life, plan your days, and achieve what you put your mind to.

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Do you find the day just gets away from you? Or that you forget to follow up on projects and the things you love doing, mostly because you’ve got so much else to organise at work and home? The LH Agenda planners help you come back from feeling worn out and unproductive to thriving.

Plan more than your day. Plan to be phenomenal.

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LH Agenda as seen on
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Big picture planning, regular life check-ins, personal growth pages, quotes from inspirational leaders and innovators, encouraging messages to brighten your day and so much more.

LH Planner weekly horizontal undated Large
LH Agenda Planner Inner Pages
LH Agenda Planner Inner Pages


The LH Planner helps you with…

It all starts with living your life intentionally—and to do that, you need to be very clear on what you want.

The LH Planner includes exercises to help you:

  • Review key areas of your life
  • Visualise your ideal day
  • Define your values
  • Plan your legacy
  • Set a big vision for your life
The LH Agenda Make It Happen Phenomenal Woman Planner

Did you know that only 1% of the population write down their goals and review them regularly? These people tend to be among the most successful! The successful entrepreneur and leader Mary Kay Ash once said, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.”

Everything in this planner has been designed to help you translate your ideas into action, because we know that getting started is the hardest part.

The LH planner includes:

  • Guided process for setting and maintaining SMART goals
  • Handy tips for translating dreams into actionable tasks to include in your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily agendas
  • Yearly planner to lay out your plans and activities to realistically see what you can achieve
  • Project planning pages
LH Planners perfect for journalling

Our planners use the concept of activation energy to help you get started.

‘Activation energy’ is the amount of effort required for you to get up and do a particular task. The lower the effort, the more likely you are to do it. Achieving anything in life is a series of small steps. Activation energy gets you started. The momentum it generates keeps you going.

*this model comes from Harvard University researcher Shawn Achor

By having a dedicated space to record your “activation energy” task, and by breaking down your big goals into small, actionable components, you can take on one at a time, you will build the momentum to reach the bigger tasks… and eventually make it happen!

Time is precious, and you want to fill it with tasks that make a meaningful difference instead of busywork. Our planners use the Urgent vs Important model (The Eisenhower Principle) to help you differentiate what is actually important to focus on as opposed to the often reactionary demands of urgent requests.

The LH planner includes:

  • Quarterly reviews of your goals and key areas of your life to keep you focused on what’s essential for your own success, not just activities that demand your attention
  • Monthly planning pages
  • Weekly spreads with your overall intentions and daily priorities and to-do lists
  • A master to-do list for all your random ideas you’ll get to later
The Leaders in Heels Make It Happen Planner

How we think has a huge impact on how we act, and how we grow as people.

This entire planner helps you cultivate a growth mindset with:

  • Prompts to regularly reflect on your wins, your challenges and what you have to learn from them.
  • A quarterly personal growth plan to help you develop your leadership skills, not only in business or in the office, but in all areas of life.
  • Regular affirmations inspired by our signature manifesto traits to help you become more confident, passionate, determined, creative, innovative and kind
  • Inspirational quotes from incredible visionaries and leaders focused on confidence, resilience, and getting things done, while putting self-care above hustle.
  • Year-end reflection
Leaders in Heels Planner – Make It Happen

It’s one thing to have goals, but quite another to remain motivated and on track through the rollercoaster ride it takes to achieve them.

The LH Planner keeps you motivated with:

  • An elegant front page summarising your key goals, intentions, values and theme word to remind you of the bigger picture every time you open your planner
  • An area for appointing accountability partners to keep you on track
  • Sections for rewards when you reach your goals
  • Monthly and quarterly check-ins to keep you reminded of your vision
LH Planner Diary Daily Layout

Ever been in a headspace where you felt untouchable… and you really were? When you’re feeling great, your work reflects it!

The LH Planner helps you get into a positive mindset with:

  • Success routines planner to help you establish good habits
  • Self-care planner to refer to when things get tough
  • Weekly gratitude sections
  • Plenty of space for daily tracking of what’s most important to YOU (e.g. healthy living, your fitness level, water intake, etc.)
  • Structured list pages so you can get organised in any facet of your life
  • 20 blank dot-grid pages to dream, sketch, design, solve

Here’s what our customers say

1-3 of 319 reviews
  1. This is the PERFECT planner! From the Intentions & Goals to the daily planning, this planner is gorgeous, encouraging and FUN! In striving toward a goal, this planner helps you to take one step at a time while staying focused but not overwhelmed. I am so thankful for the LH Agenda company and their creative insight!

    Image #1 from Jaime C.
  2. This was such a beautiful and unique gift for a friend starting a new job. She loved it!

  3. I absolutely love this planner, it incorporates everything I like to already do at the start of my year, setting my goals and intentions for the new year. It’s perfectly set up month by month, week by week. Highly recommended

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Weekly Planners

Our recommended and most popular layout. Designed to help you see weekly intentions and daily priorities all on the same spread.

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Weekly Large

A larger version of the weekly planner with more writing space.

Daily Planners

For those who love to plan their day in more detail. The daily layout has a page per day and half-hourly time slots.

Each LH Planner comes with Intentions & Goals summary print (unless stock unavailable).

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How the LH Planner works

Life By Design

The LH Planner uses a simple system to help you focus on what matters most – YOU!

Step 1: DREAM

Start with a vision. The LH Planner will guide you to review your life, get clear on what you want, reflect on your values, and set a big vision for your life.

LH Planner Diary Daily Layout

Step 2: DEFINE

The LH Planner will help you plan your goals, create success habits, and reflect on self-care routines as a support to refer back to when things get tough.

LH Agenda Planner Inner Pages

Step 3: DO

Capture your daily priorities and schedules, manage projects, and regularly check-in on your progress. Master to-do lists and notes make sure nothing gets away!

Weekly Horizontal Planner Layout

Feel on top of each and every day with the ultimate productivity and self-care tool, the LH Agenda Planner.

LH Agenda Phenomenal Woman Planner
LH Planner Diary Daily Layout

About the Creator

Kasia Gospos

Kasia Gospos is the Founder and Creative Director of LH Agenda, a leading Australian online community and stationery brand that’s sold over 100,000 products, and has more than 200,000 followers on social media. She has been named one of Australia’s most inspirational women online by Open Colleges and is a silver award winner of the Stevie Awards for Women in Business in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year category.

Kasia is a feminist with a background as a Commercial and Business Analyst and a Management Accountant. She is passionate about helping women find the courage to dream big, and to take practical steps toward achieving those dreams. Her journey started after two successful crowdfunding campaigns to establish the Make Your Mark collection, which focuses on six key leadership traits of successful leaders. It was followed by the LH planners, celebrating women while helping them define and work toward their big goals.

She’s since released a range of other products including Meeting Notebooks, Business Organisers, a story-telling journal, a baby journal, vision boards and lifestyle accessories. Continually developed with feedback from the LH community, these products reflect Kasia’s vision to help create habits that in turn create great leaders.


Be empowered, encouraged and inspired to go after your most audacious dreams. Make the plan, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Kasia Gospos, Founder of LH Agenda