Personalised notebooks, planners and gifts

Personalised planners, notebooks, and corporate gifts
Our leatherette and linen products are monogrammable, allowing you to personalise them with your own initials or make a special gift even more extraordinary!

For bulk orders of 20+ notebooks, we can also emboss them with your company name or logo. To learn more about logo and company name personalisation options, visit our Bulk and custom orders page.

Personalised Gifts for Women

How we personalise your notebooks

Our personalised planners, notebooks and accessories are monogrammed with a foil stamping machine. It uses beautiful gold, white matte or black matte foil that matches the other foil elements on your planner or journal.

For monogramming of our products, we have selected the font that best complements our journal and planner designs – Serif style, 26pt, all caps.

Guidelines for monogrammed products

Please check carefully that your monogram request is correct, as monograms cannot be changed after your order is submitted.

The placement, font, size, and colour of all monograms on personalised notebooks are chosen to complement our product design and cannot be changed.

All monogrammed text on personalised diaries is stamped by hand and may contain tiny inconsistencies because of their handmade nature.

Once a product has been monogrammed, it becomes specially and unmistakeably yours! Therefore personalised notebooks and diaries may not be returned or exchanged.


Have more questions? The Monogramming FAQ below has the answers!

Leaders in Heels Monogramming

Personalisation FAQ

How do I add monogramming to my order?

To monogram a product, go to the product page for the item you’d like to monogram.

You’ll find a small box titled ‘Monogramming’ just below the product description at the top of the page and just above ‘Add to cart’ button. There is a text box where you can type in the initials you’d like monogrammed. The initials must be entered before clicking ‘Add to cart’.

If you want to order the same item with different initial repeat the process above for each initials.

How much does adding a monogram cost?

Monograms vary per product and are typically an additional $12.95-$19.95. We reserve the right to change it any time.

What monogramming styles are available?

We offer monogramming using gold, white, or black foil, and the specific foil style is chosen by our design team to complement your product’s other foil or metal elements. For key rings, we also offer blind embossing. To see the monogram font, style, size, and placement for your specific product of choice, please refer to the images on the product page.

How many characters can I have monogrammed?

You can have up to five characters blind embossed on the key rings and up to three characters monogrammed on your books, pouches and card holders. We recommend using your initials: First, Middle, Last. For example: AB, A.B, ABC.

For bulk orders, we offer the option to monogram your company name or stamp your company logo. However, please note that for names longer than three characters, or for logo stamping, a minimum order of 20 notebooks is required. This is necessary as it involves resetting our hot-stamping machine. For more details, please visit our Bulk Orders page.

Do punctuation marks count as a character?

Yes, they count as one of the three characters.

What characters are available?

You can select the following characters.


You can also add the following punctuation marks:
. , : ;

Where will my product be monogrammed?

Most of our personalised notebooks, folios, and pouches are monogrammed in the bottom right corner. To see the monogram font, style, size, and placement for a specific product, please refer to the images on the product page.

Can I change the font, placement, size, or color?

No. All of the above have been carefully chosen to complement the product design. All monograms will have the same font, placement, and colour.

Can I make changes to my monogram after I submit my order?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to make any changes to your order once it’s been submitted for processing. Please triple-check to be sure the information you’ve entered is correct.

Will monogramming delay my order?

There will be no delay in processing your order as it will be completed in our studio.

Can I exchange or return my monogrammed item?

Once a product has been monogrammed, it becomes specially and unmistakeably yours! Unfortunately, this also means that we cannot provide any exchanges or refunds on your purchased product if you change your mind.

There’s a problem with my monogrammed item—can it be replaced?

The entire monogramming process is completed by hand and may contain tiny inconsistencies because of its handmade nature. If you believe the product itself has a problem, please contact us with the details.


We love when leaders share their monogrammed moments with us on social, as we get so much pride from seeing how everyone uses theirs differently. Be sure to use #myLHAgenda to show our amazing community of women how you’re using your monogrammed notebooks and planners. You may even pick up an inspirational tip of your own!

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