Finding the perfect gift for a woman can be a daunting challenge.

Especially if you’re looking for something meaningful that will make a lasting impact on their life. This is why we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of inspirational gifts for female leaders and entrepreneurs, girls with big dreams, and remarkable women in any stage of life. Take a look at the gift suggestions below and see who you could inspire today!

Gifts for entrepreneurs, female executives, students, creatives, and leaders

Our LH Planner is perfect for female entrepreneurs, executives, creatives and those in any kind of leadership role.

If you, or someone you know, has ever had a big, audacious dream you’d like to see come to life, this planner was designed for you! The planner’s focus is on translating ideas into action, making a plan, and making it happen!

LH Planners

Gifts for women on the go

Do you know someone always rushing between meetings, conferences and study sessions? Or someone whose work involves a lot of travel?

Our folios are protective, leather covers with multiple storage options to keep you organised and on the ball. Storage options include a notebook/notepad holder, a pen loop and pockets for business and credit cards, and receipts and loose pages. These folios and compendiums can be personalised with initials, name or company insignia to make your gift even more special.

LH Agenda Folio Compendium

Gifts for busy list-makers

We all know that person who’s super-organised. They create lists, tick off their to-dos, and generally leave everyone in awe.

Our Day Organisers are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to prioritise their time, increase their productivity, and get stuff done!

Make It Happen Daily Planner

Gifts for the woman who’s always in meetings

Meeting Notebooks

One downside to rising the corporate ladder is having to attend more meetings!

Brighten up someone’s meeting-filled day with our Meeting Notebooks Collection, designed to help our leaders run more effective meetings while looking stylish in the process.

Gifts for an empowered woman

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

– The first words you’ll read in our Phenomenal Women notebook.

This powerfully red notebook is designed to remind the gift recipient of the phenomenal woman that she is, each and every day. It includes inspirational quotes and powerful feminist illustrations by Australian artist, Nancy Chalmers.

The notebook is divided into three unique sections:

Dream: Blank pages for drawing, doodling, daydreaming, and getting creative.
Define: Lined pages to get writing and planning, or simply to get things down.
Do: Dotted pages for to-do lists and bullet journaling.

Phenomenal Woman Notebook

Gifts for the career-focused woman

Aspire Career Designer

For the woman who wants to leave a legacy of doing work that she loves, The Aspire Career Designer is the gift that will deliver.

This self-coaching journal and planner was developed together with career coaching experts to help you design your career success, boost your existing career, or start fresh on a new path with clarity and confidence.

Gifts for up-and-coming leaders

Leadership is more than a title or a position you’re given – it’s a mindset you embrace in every aspect of your life.

If you are an aspiring leader, or you know one, look no further than the Make Your Mark Collection! This set is designed for women who want to nurture and empower the leader within. It focuses on developing the six key traits of successful leaders, which make up our Manifesto: Passion, Creativity, Innovation, Confidence, Determination and Kindness.

Gifts for the woman who loves self-care

If you know a woman who works hard and knows it, then indulge them in tools that prioritise their self-care.

Our Mind By Design collection is designed to give busy leaders both organisational support and tools to build a fit mind, strengthen mental resilience and improve their overall wellbeing. Our notebooks provide encouraging quotes as she writes her notes, and our journals gently guide her through her emotions – worry, gratitude, etc. – across the day so she can continue to put her best foot forward.

Clarity Journal

Self-Awareness Journal

Mind By Design Notebook

Gifts for women celebrating special occasions

Are you looking for a gift to celebrate a special occasion?

Our LH Agenda gold trimmed rollerball pens make putting pen to paper a stylish and powerful moment.

They make the perfect gift for you and the women in your life who are celebrating special milestones – a new chapter of life, a new job, promotion, wedding or a new business venture.

They come in pearl white or pearl beige, with a lacquered metal barrel and gold trims. Each pen comes in a beautiful gift box with a gold foiled inspirational statement inside.

It can also be a special gift to yourself to complement your planner when starting a fresh new year or a new season in life!

Gifts for women who love stationery & accessories

Gifts don’t have to be big to be appreciated. Give the gift of organisation with our range of stationery & accessories, perfect for busy people with style.

Gifts for those with stories which need to be told

Do you know someone with an incredible story which needs to be told? A story that will inspire the people around them, or the people yet to come?

The Write Your Own Story Journal is the perfect gift to encourage them (or you!) to write down their stories, and create a lasting impact through the generations.

Write Your Own Story Journal

Gifts for expecting mums

Tiny Little Miracle Baby Feeding Journal

Know a new mum, or a mum who’s expecting a baby? While a new arrival is incredibly exciting, the months afterwards can be especially tough for new mums.

The Tiny Little Miracle baby journal will help them keep track of their baby’s daily cycle, but it’s also there to provide support with encouraging advice from other new mums, inspirational quotes, and self-care tips for all the daily routines that a baby brings. It’s designed to help mums focus on what really matters – enjoying precious moments with their new baby.

Personalised gifts for her

Did you know you can personalise almost all our products with the recipient’s initials? Our leatherette products are monogrammable, so you can add a special touch to any of your International Women’s Day gifts! To add monogramming details, click through to the individual product page. The initials must be entered before clicking ‘Add to cart’.

Leaders in Heels Monogramming