Now that our planner range is growing, we’ve received many questions about the differences between all of them: 12-month planners, daily planners, our various collections.

We’ve created this Planners FAQ page to explain the differences and help you choose the one for YOU.

Make It Happen Planners

What is the difference between the Make it Happen Planner and Phenomenal Woman Planner?

Both planners have a nearly identical layout. Pages and exercises to help you step back and assess (or re-assess) the bigger picture. Review sections, and double-page spreads to help you plan your week.

The main difference is the inspirational quotes on weekly planning pages. The focus of the Phenomenal Woman quotes is celebrating women and inspiring confidence while the Make It Happen quotes focus on productivity, persistence, determination, and getting things done. Both planners have a nearly identical double-page spread layout, exercises, and features.

What are Day Organisers?

Our Day Organisers are simplified daily planners. They have a two-page spread for each day, to help you focus on everything you need in the next 24 hours. Practical and elegant, with our signature layout, they encourage you to capture your top and secondary priorities, follow ups, to-do lists, ideas and notes. They’ll also keep you motivated with quotes from inspirational leaders.

Unlike the 12-month planners these organisers do not include big picture planning or exercises, which means they’re lightweight and half the thickness so they won’t weigh your bag down throughout the day!

They’re a great complement to our 12-month planners!

Do you have dated planners?

All of our printed planners are undated so you can start using them at any time of the year. Our downloadable planner (which is sent straight to your inbox as a PDF after purchase) includes dates.

Do you have daily layout planners?

All of our 12-month planners have a weekly vertical layout.

We do have a collection of Day Organisers featuring a daily two page spread, however they don’t feature goal or life planning pages, monthly, quarterly and yearly planners or reviews. They are half of the thickness of the 12-month planner and are specifically designed for planning your daily priorities, to-do lists, phone calls, follow-ups, notes.

How many days/months does your day organiser last?

This will depend on how you will use your day organiser. All our day organisers have 148 pages in total. This includes an introduction on how to best use the organiser, endpapers, and full page quotes to surprise you with unexpected motivation. You will be left with roughly 120+ pages of daily layouts, or approximately 60 2-page spread layouts.

If you use a daily spread every day including weekends, your organiser will last approx. 2 months. If you use one spread per each working day (defined as Mon-Fri) then it will last approx. 3 months. If you use one layout spread per week, your day organiser will last over a year!

What are the differences between all planners, including day organisers?

Click here to open our detailed Planners Comparison Guide.

I am still unsure which planner is best for me. Help!

If this is your first time purchase, we simply suggest going for the cover you love the most. The layouts and content are nearly identical so go with your intuition and choose the one that captures your eye.

If you are an entrepreneur or have some big projects ahead you might prefer Make It Happen for its quotes being highly focused on getting things done.

If you love inspiration and want a dose of support from the types of confident women you aspire to be, then try the Phenomenal Woman planner.

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one choose the Phenomenal Woman planner. If you’re gifting to a colleague or a client you might prefer the Make It Happen to reflect your professional relationship.

If you’ve had one or the other before, then switch so you get to experience planning with the different quotes and focus in mind.

Which planner is right for me
2021 Planners and Diaries

I have had your planner before. What updates are in the planners that are printed in 2020?

The layout and content of our planners remain mostly the same, however we’ve listened to your feedback and are excited by the following updates in our most recent collection:

  • Saturday and Sundays are now in separate columns.
  • Improved organisation/getting around the planner:
    • More clarity on each page organised by the areas of Dream, Define and Do
    • Printed headings down the vertical side of the page so the section of the planner is easily identifiable.
  • We’ve increased the durability of the planners by removing a ribbon, as three ribbons were compromising the application of the glue, and potentially causing the ribbons to fall out. The new approach of two ribbons eliminates this risk.
  • Upon great feedback from customers saying that ‘Meeting Notes’ either weren’t utilised or were not sufficient for a full year of networking, we’ve revised this content and created a separate Meeting notebooks collection.
  • New content includes:
    • A much needed self-care planning section.
    • An online shopping tracker to keep a track of your deliveries (has anyone elses online shopping dramatically increased? ?).
    • We’ve swapped the space for your bucket list with a list that’s flexible for you and your needs.
    • A ‘Next Year’ double page to note down ideas and upcoming events for the following year as we know you like to get in early!
    • An ‘Ideas’ double spread that was originally only in the Make It Happen planner
  • To allow space for this new extra content, the ‘Favourite Quotes’ and ‘Places to Visit’ lists have been removed

I’m looking for a specific planner style that you don’t have. What can I do?

Please fill out our planner suggestion form and you may see your preference in our next collection!