Now that our planner range is growing, we’ve received many questions about the differences between all of them. We’ve created this Planners FAQ page to help you choose the one for YOU.

What layouts do your LH planners come in?

We have three layouts for you to choose from:

Do you have a planner comparison table?

Please see a detailed comparison of all our LH planners here.

planner comparison tableShop planners: WEEKLY HORIZONTAL, WEEKLY VERTICAL, DAILY PLANNERS

Where can I see the inner pages of the planner?

Click through to the product page and view the photo gallery (this will display on the left of the main product photo on desktop, and below the main product photo on mobile). You can click on the main photo to open it full screen and swipe right to see many other images of the planner in the gallery, including images of monthly planning pages and weekly or daily layout. If you are on mobile device, use two fingers to zoom in on the details.

Does your LH planner have monthly planning pages?

All LH planners have monthly planning pages (2 pages per month).

The dated horizontal planners and vertical planners include a calendar table on the monthly planning pages. The horizontal undated planners and daily undated planners do not have a calendar table; instead, they have a blank page with our signature dot-lined format. You can use this page to plan your month, make lists, mind map, journal, draw, track habits, draw tables, etc.

Starting this year, we no longer print the calendar table in the undated planners as, personally, we rarely used this feature. It took time to date them and in the end, using the weekly planning pages or a digital calendar to mark major events was more efficient (less repetition).

If having a calendar table is important to you, you can order a dated planner or vertical planner, or contact us so that we can send you a printable of the monthly table you can paste into your undated planner.

I am unsure which planner is best for me. Help!

Let’s start with similarities. Each layout is built using the same methodology and includes:

  • Weekly intentions
  • Daily priorities
  • Space for notes and to-dos
  • A week-in-review section which prompts you to practice gratitude and reflect on your wins and lessons, to help you build a growth mindset

Each planner, no matter the layout, includes the same Dream. Define. DO. sections which include:

  • self-discovery and big picture planning
  • goal setting
  • monthly and quarterly planning pages
  • regular check-ins
  • master to-do lists
  • project pages
  • blank lists and notes.

Weekly vs Daily Layout

If you love planning each day in detail, you will like the LH Daily Planner. If you don’t want to spend time planning and tracking each individual day, but prefer to see an overall snapshot of your week and plan the big ticket items, then the LH Weekly Planners are for you.

Weekly Vertical vs Weekly Horizontal

vertical planner layout   Horizontal Layout Planner

Weekly planners come in vertical and horizontal layouts.

Vertical (column) layout is best for time blocking and looks similar to a digital calendar (like Google Calendar or Outlook). The horizontal layout is great if you need more open writing space within the overall weekly section and don’t need lots of space for a very detailed daily schedule. Both layouts allow you to divide days into columns/rows to track different areas of your life, use them as a business and personal jotter, track self-care activities: fitness, water intake, meal plans, moods, habits… anything that suits your life.

Medium vs Large

The Medium size (14.8 x 19.8cm, 5.7″ x 7.7″, weights ~500g) was designed to be compact so you can take it with you everywhere making it great for those always on the go or working from multiple locations or in transit.

If you have some big projects ahead or have large writing (or just like to write a lot!) you might like the new large size version (19.8 x 22 cm, 7.8” x 8.7”, weights ~750g) of the weekly horizontal undated planner. Its wider format makes it perfect for laying flat between you and your keyboard for easy reference while typing – the perfect personal assistant!

If you need even more space to write we would recommend Daily Layout  which gives you a full page to plan your week and a full page per day. This layout is a 6-month planner to keep it light and compact (14.8 x 19.8cm, 5.7″ x 7.7″, weights ~550g) .

Can I mix the covers with the different planner types?

No, each cover is unique to its planner type/design. There will be no new covers this year in the collection.

I need help picking out color combinations!

We’ve designed a simple tool that allows you to see different product combinations side by side so you can see how they’ll look together! Scroll down to design your perfect set.

How do I add monogramming to my order?

To monogram a product, go to the product page for the item you’d like to monogram.

You’ll find a small box titled ‘Monogramming’ just below the product description at the top of the page and just above ‘Add to cart’ button. There is a text box where you can type in the initials you’d like monogrammed. The initials must be entered before clicking ‘Add to cart’.

If you want to order the same item with different initial repeat the process above for each initials.

I have more questions regarding monogramming…

Please visit our Monogramming FAQ page.

What is LOVE IT Guarantee?

We are confident you will love our products! So if you are unhappy with them for some reason, you can return your order for a full refund (including shipping costs you paid when you purchased the item) within 60 days from the purchase date. The offer to refund the outbound shipping costs refers to economy shipping option only.

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged

Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, we can’t accept returns for:

  • Custom or personalised orders
  • Digital downloads
  • Sale items
  • Used products
  • Dated planners

Full T&C.

Do you have digital planners?

Yes, we do! Please visit our Digital/Printable Planners category.

What is the difference between the Make it Happen Planner and Phenomenal Woman Planner?

The main difference is the inspirational quotes on weekly planning pages. The focus of the Phenomenal Woman quotes is celebrating women and inspiring confidence while the Make It Happen quotes focus on productivity, persistence, determination, and getting things done. Both planners have a nearly identical double-page spread layout, exercises, and features.

I have had your planner in prior years. What changes are there in planners produced for 2023?

We have introduced new planner layouts and a larger size of our weekly undated planner. 

For 2023 launch LH Planners will be available in:

  • Horizontal Weekly layout:
    • dated 
    • undated (medium and the new large size 19.8x22cm)

The weekly layout has been redesigned with a ‘Dashboard’ on the left for your overall intentions, bigger goals, reflections and plenty of blank space, and a 7-Day table for planning your daily priorities on the right. You can divide these into columns however you like to track and manage your day in the way that works for you. 

  • Daily layout:
    • 6 months undated

The daily layout is designed with a page per day including time slots from 5:30 to 9pm, perfect for planning and time blocking in greater detail, or those who like to write a lot every day. The daily layout still has our key ‘Dream, Define, Do’ life planner sections so it has been reduced to cover a 6-month period to keep it as light and compact as possible.

A number of small changes have been made to improve the content of our planners including: 

  • Inclusive and gender neutral terms 
  • The introduction and how-to has been shortened based on feedback. You will now be able to access more content online about the implementation of each section and the positive psychology foundations we draw from via a QR code from your planner. 
  • The Dream self-discovery section has been adjusted to focus more on the upcoming year only rather than a long term life plan. We know you like to focus on the 12-months ahead! We added a Dream List and Vision Board to the section so you could use these to capture those future life plans and anything you’d like to do to make your year ahead better. 
  • Rearrangement of Lists and Project pages to keep things tidy and easier to find 
  • Adjustments to the month in review to provide more free space to take notes and write. We also removed the rating areas of life from the monthly review to the quarterly review only as this gives optimal time to see changes emerging in your life.
  • Our new signature dot-line format which spaces dots slightly larger than standard so it’s perfect for drawing neat vertical lines/tables and maintaining clear straight writing all on the same page! 

All planners still include the guided ‘Dream, Define, Do’ life planning and review activities, our signature LH Agenda inspirational feel, and a focus on well-being over hustle. 

If you prefer a simplified planner, then our LH Agenda Organisers will also be available in both daily and weekly layouts. The organisers do not include big picture life planning or life reviews, making them perfect for the office where privacy is essential. They’re lightweight and half the thickness so they won’t weigh your bag down throughout the day!

What are Day Organisers?

Our Day Organisers are simplified planners. They have a two-page spread layout designed to help you focus on your daily priorities and get things done. Practical and elegant, with our simplified planner format, they encourage you to capture your top and secondary priorities, follow-ups, to-do lists, ideas and notes. They’ll also keep you motivated with quotes from inspirational leaders.

Unlike the LH planners, these organisers do not include big picture life planning, life reviews, or monthly check-ins, making them perfect for the office where privacy is essential or as a secondary planner. They’re lightweight and half the thickness so they won’t weigh your bag down throughout the day!

I’m looking for a specific planner style that you don’t have. What can I do?

Please fill out our planner suggestion form and you may see your preference in our next collection!

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