Our Meeting Notebook collection is designed for ambitious, dynamic, and busy leaders who want to run productive meetings, collaborate effectively with their team, and strive to advance their business.

Make meetings work.

LH Agenda Meeting Notebooks
LH Agenda Meeting Notebooks
Our meeting notebooks feature a structured, research-based approach to running and recording meetings, to help you and your team to work efficiently and productively.

Why we created the Meeting Notebook collection

Here at LH Agenda we know what it’s like to be busy. We believe a key ingredient to getting things done is the ability to collaborate and exchange ideas.

But we’ve also learnt that unproductive meetings cost companies billions of dollars every year. That’s why we created the Meeting Notebook collection, to help our leaders run more effective meetings.

Best meeting notebooks
Best meeting notebooks

Research-based design

The layout of this notebook draws upon research into how the world’s most successful leaders run their meetings, and we’ve used this knowledge to create the most simple, clear and powerful notebook we could!

Lead with confidence

Use time efficiently

Collaborate and motivate

Diane (Verified Buyer)

“This has been a game changer-no longer searching frantically for my notes. I love the fact that I can organize this by sections.”

Betty (Verified Buyer)

Thoughtfully designed and efficiently organised. Love the quality and the monogramming option was the extra special option that I could not resist. Very happy with the purchase!

Teressa Wood Wright (Verified Buyer)

As an Executive Assistant it is never an easy task to ensure ones minutes of meetings are promptly distributed. This meeting notebook is going to make my time in promptly distributing minutes within a day and also a hard copy referral for the future. Will definitely purchase this item again.

Erica Cooper

I got so much more out of the meetings that I’ve used this planner. Love how it gets me prepped for meetings and keeps everything organized. And, of course, the look is perfect to take into all meetings – from stakeholders to agencies.

Vanessa Czoloszynski (Verified Buyer)

I love that everything is on the one page spread and so compact, fits perfect in my hand bag 🙂

Theresa Pendergast (Verified Buyer)

Beautifully presented and well thought out!

Dana (Verified Buyer)

I love this meeting planner, it helps to have all my meeting takeaways in one place to go back.

Sharon (Verified Buyer)

Love! The best way to keep all of my meeting notes structures and organised. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully presented.

Jillian (Verified Buyer)

Love that this helps to keep meeting notes organised and in one place. I did not think that I would have liked a seperate meeting book but it works.

Best meeting notebooks

What’s inside the LH Agenda Meeting notebooks?


  • A two-page spread meeting layout, including sections to record meeting intentions, notes, actions, attendees, points to follow-up, deadlines, and the date of next meeting
  • Micro-perforated sheets for easy, clean removal to share notes with others
  • Three colour-coded sections to organise your meetings by topic or project (eg. meetings with your boss, clients or team / meetings about sales, products or HR)
  • Ribbon page marker to quickly get your meeting started on the right page
  • Pen holder so you’re never caught without one!
  • Back pocket for loose pages, meeting handouts or business cards
  • 20-dot grid pages for notes, sketches, or reminders
  • A guide on how to run effective meetings based on interviews with the world’s most successful leaders
  • Leatherette hard cover with gold foil
  • 148 pages printed on high-quality recycled 100GSM paper – beautiful, sustainable and good for the environment!
  • 14.5 x 19.5cm (5.7″ x 7.7″) compact and lightweight so it fits easily in your handbag
  • A thread-bound design to make sure your notebook will open flat on any page
  • *Luxe-edition only includes a hidden internal business card holder, and leatherette belt strap closure
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
LH Agenda Meeting Notebooks LH Agenda Meeting Notebooks
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
LH Agenda Meeting Notebooks LH Agenda Meeting Notebooks
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
Meeting Notebook Meeting Notebook
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Here’s what our customers say


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  1. I receive so many compliments on my meeting notebook! Love the style!!

  2. love this!!! helps organize 1:1 notes

  3. Love all the different features and colors

The meeting layout explained

The best meeting notebook layout
Personalised Notebooks

All our notebooks are monogrammable, meaning you can personalise them with your own initials, or make a special gift even more extraordinary!

To add monogramming details, click through to the individual product page and enter the initials before clicking ‘Add to cart’.

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What we learned about how to run effective meetings

Some helpful tips and tricks from the world’s leading CEOs to keep your meetings productive and engaging.
Meeting notes Notebook

Keep meetings as small as possible

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs believed too many minds in one room get in the way of simplicity, and make conversation difficult. It is best to only invite essential people and record them in the Meeting Notebook attendees section.

Set the agenda in advance and strictly stick to it

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is known to bring a list of discussion points and cross them off one by one. Our notebook has a dedicated space for agenda setting.

Start your meeting by setting intentions together

Oprah Winfrey uses 3 questions to steer her meetings to the point “What is our intention for this meeting? What’s important? What matters?” The Meeting Notebook layout helps plan for clear and focused discussion.

Assign responsibilities and due dates

All tasks for completion should be agreed upon during the meeting so no-one is unclear on what is expected next. Our Follow-up/To-Do section helps make this happen.

Respect the clock

When time is wasted, employee engagement and productivity suffers so meetings should end as soon as the agenda has been covered. Studies show that starting on time and sticking to the agenda can reduce meeting times up to 80 percent!

Meeting notes Notebook