CEO/Creative Director

Kasia Gospoś is an advocate for the rising powerful woman and the young leaders of tomorrow. As the CEO and Creative Director she is driven by a desire to create leaders who lead not by hustle and competition, but by the values of the LH Agenda Manifesto. She wants to help women thrive in their businesses, careers, and personal lives, on their own terms by encouraging compassion and love to self, while still being confident, creative and innovative.

Kasia is also a public speaker, consultant, and business expert with a background as a management accountant (ACMA), available for collaborations, mentorships, and speaking engagements.

In her free time, Kasia enjoys listening to Jazz and R&B, swimming, playing tennis and golf, traveling, exploring the latest design trends and attending cultural events. She lives in Newcastle, Australia, with her husband Nino, two boys and the family corgi, Happy, who are all a constant source of joy and positive energy!

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Unofficial job title: Chief LH Agenda Setter.
Favourite color: White, peach, beige, pastel mint, light blue & white (again!).
What’s on your desk?: LH Manifesto, AzioCorp keyboard, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Samsung, LH Planner and lots of product samples and swatches.
Favourite quote: “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible – and achieve it, generation after generation.” – Pearl S. Buck
Favourite morning beverage: Large almond latte in a mug.
Secret talent: I can play piano and sew clothes.
Favourite LH Agenda: LH Planner.


  • Gold Stevie Award Winner for Best Consumer Product, 2023 International Business Awards
  • Winner at the 2023 Business Hunter Awards in Excellence [Micro Business]
  • Silver award winner of the Stevie Awards for Women in Business in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year category
  • Named one of Australia’s most inspirational women online by Open Colleges 2014.

Online Editor / Growth and Partnerships Leader

Mikaela Bella has seven years’ media experience covering digital marketing, radio promotions, communications and management. With a Bachelor of Professional Communication (Major in Journalism), she is a published writer who loves sharing stories and encouraging women to embrace their natural role of ‘leader’.

Mikaela is always hungry to learn more (and, hungry in general)! She loves food, reading books by inspirational business leaders, and exploring her home in Queensland.

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Unofficial job title: Light Bulb Moment Engineer.
Favourite color: Khaki green.
What’s on your desk?: Journal, AirPods and the latest book I’m reading.
Favourite quote: “Do everything before you’re ready.” – Jodie Fox
Favourite morning beverage: Coffee.
Secret talent: Interviewing celebrities – I once had a phone call with Shania Twain!
Favourite LH Agenda: The Write Your Own Story journal, because I love to write and share stories and look forward to being able to pass my experiences on to my family.


Kris Reddaway is a writer, art lover, and wearer of many hats. With a degree in Marketing and Communications, majoring in Media, Art History and Film Theory, she is devoted to all things creative. Kris comes from a career in Digital Advertising and Project Management but now uses her passion as a writer as a profession.

When she isn’t writing for LH Agenda, she is crafting poetry and mentoring creatives in her business This Electrified Life, teaching Pilates and travelling.

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Unofficial job title: Word Wizard.
Favourite color: Electric blue and black.
What’s on your desk?: My Little Book of David Bowie Quotes, pens, a framed Rebecca Campbell oracle card, a piece of vintage Indian silk, and more pens… lots of pens.
Favourite quote: Oooh… too many to choose from! “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie
Favourite morning beverage: Rotates between almond milk flat white, a cacao with Lions Mane mushrooms, or a Dandelion Chai tea.
Secret talent: Dances with fire sticks and chains.
Favourite LH Agenda: The Write Your Own Story Journal, because stories connect us as humans beyond any characteristics of separation.

Marketing Support

Bec Ransom is an accomplished sales, client management and marketing professional with a passion for empowering people to be the best version of themselves. This passion has seen Bec excel in the field of management and team leadership.

Her own drive and passion have seen her have a long career in modelling and presenting, and you can often see Bec’s face presenting content across the LH Agenda brand.

She is also a mum to two beautiful girls.

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Unofficial job title: Vibe Manager & Head of All Things Awesome.
Favourite color: Peach.
What’s on your desk?: The entire LH Agenda range, modelling portfolio and fresh flowers.
Favourite quote: I have so many. One I found myself telling my daughter today is, “Success is the baest revenge”. I also love, “Be stronger than your excuses”. And, “Everything is figureoutable.” – Marie Forleo
Favourite morning beverage: Coffee, followed by coffee!!
Secret talent: I am the queen of multi-tasking, and I can skateboard.
Favourite LH Agenda: Day organiser – I write my to-do list every morning, and include three things I am grateful for and what my dream day would look like. I carry it with me always.

Copywriter and Product Developer

Leah Elson has 15 years’ experience as a designer and developer in the fashion industry and ten years in digital marketing and copywriting. Put it all together and she loves producing inspiring, well-written products and content for LH Agenda.

Leah is a natural cheerleader among friends, women, and small business owners. She is inherently interested in creating a world where her daughter feels empowered and independent, never questioning her worth.

She loves food, floating in the ocean, hot yoga, poetry, spending time with her little girl, and has fulfilled her dream of becoming a children’s book author.

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Favourite colour: White.
What’s on your desk?: The Make Your Mark Notebook, a giant coffee cup, dried flowers, and my trusty laptop.
Favourite quote:“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky
Favourite morning beverage: Soy latte.
Secret talent: Singing Disney songs.
Favourite LH Agenda: The diamond-quilted LH Agenda Planner because it looks like art, feels luxurious, and is super powerful on the inside at making dreams come true.

Customer Relations Manager

Nino Laygan is all about chilling out, and how better to do it than a day on the golf course followed by some great craft beer? On the weekends, if he’s not on the course, he’s mastering the art of barbequing on his smoker and keeping our Head of Security, Mr. Happy, company!

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Unofficial job title: Customer Happiness Officer.
Favourite colour: Blue.
What’s on your desk?: Lots of paperwork(!!) and a small speaker.
Favourite quote: “Without a goal you can’t score.” – Casey Neistat
Favourite morning beverage: Flat white with extra shot.
Secret talent: Can sing ‘Hungry Eyes’ better than Eric Carmen.
Favourite LH Agenda: The planner pad, because it keeps me on track with my daily tasks.

Head of Security

Mr. Happy lives up to his name – he absolutely loves making others happy (though he prefers females to males… typical guy!). Despite his small stature he has a loud bark, which makes him perfect as our Head of Security.

When he’s not defending us from terrible threats like the mail, he’s also our unofficial guest welcomer who’s all about his stylish bow ties. Want to win him over? Food and treats will do it every time.

He spends his weekends sleeping, avoiding the rain or anything wet, and, of course, keeping our team company!

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Job title: The Barker, Insta Influencer.
Favourite colour: Blue.
What’s on your desk?: Walkie-talkie (what else would you expect from security?).
Favourite quote: “Woof woof woof woof!” – Happy
Favourite morning beverage: Happuccino.
Secret talent: Creating the illusion of multiple corgis after Mum grooms me.
Favourite LH Agenda: Boxes.