MAKE IT HAPPEN Planners & Collection

Make it Happen with the productivity planners and tools designed to turn ‘one day’ into today.

Leaders in Heels Make It Happen Planners

It’s the productivity planner that leaves no sister behind with its focus on determination, persistence, confidence, resillience and simply just ‘getting the job done’. The Make it Happen productivity planner, and corresponding tools and accessories from the Make it Happen collection, have everything you need to not only kick-start your dream projects, but see them through to the end.

Choose between 12-month planners, daily planners, notebooks and inspirational prints.

Make the plan. Make it happen.

Make It Happen’ 12-Month Planners

Our Make It Happen 12-month planners include big picture planning, regular life check-ins, personal growth pages, quotes from successful leaders and innovators, and so much more. Whatever you dream about, make it happen!

      All our planners and journals are monogrammable, meaning you can personalise them with your own initials, or make a special gift even more extraordinary!

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      The hardest part of any project is getting started. Not only on the project itself, but day after day when you’re getting worn down. That’s why I created the Make It Happen line—it helps you tap into your activation energy, a concept developed by a Harvard psychologist that says if you can make starting something easier, your likelihood of doing it rises dramatically. You can make it happen—we’re with you all the way!
      Kasia Gospos, CEO, LH Agenda

      ‘Make It Happen’ Notebook and Day Organisers

      Match your 12-month planner with a complementary day organiser for prioritising your day and our Nevertheless, She Persisted notebook for all your note-taking needs.

      Make It Happen Notebook and Planner

      Make It Happen’ Prints & Vision Board

      Need more inspiration? Our prints and vision board kit were designed to complement the Make It Happen planners and notebooks. Get inspired no matter where you are with a vision board to remind you of the big picture, and elegant prints to keep you motivated while you MAKE IT HAPPEN!

        Vision Board
        The Leaders in Heels Planner Make It Happen - Quarterly Growth Plan
        Leaders in Heels Planner – Make It Happen – Vintage Floral