PHENOMENAL WOMAN Planners & Collection

The Phenomenal Woman collection was created to celebrate and inspire women, and is jam packed with stunning colour, illustrations, and inspiring words by well-known female visionaries.
Leaders in Heels Planners 2020
Leaders in Heels Planners 2020
The ‘Phenomenal Woman’ collection was designed by a busy woman, for other busy women. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of your life that you forget how incredible women can be! Be reminded every day of the phenomenal woman inside, feel inspired to dream big and reach your audacious goals with your women’s planner and fabulous organisational tools.
Plan more than your day. Plan to be phenomenal.

Choose between 12-month life planners, notebooks, notepads, desk planners, greeting cards, inspirational prints and other office essentials.

Phenomenal Woman 12-Month Planners

An inspirational planner that celebrates the greatness of women, with specially designed pages to keep you focused on your big goals, and motivate you to kick ass and achieve amazing things.
Leaders In Heels 2020 Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Planners 2020

Our Phenomenal Woman planners are all identical inside and come in a variety of covers.

These planners were created to celebrate you and make you feel great about being a woman, all while keeping you on track to achieve your big, audacious goals. Big picture planning, regular life check-ins, personal growth pages, and so much more help you move from dreaming to doing, so you can become the phenomenal woman you truly are!

– Kasia Gospos, CEO LH Agenda

We love to create at LH Agenda, so as a result all of our covers are limited editions.

(Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good).

Phenomenal Woman Notebooks and Notepads

Whether you love a beautifully designed notebook with lots of space and luxurious gold edging, or a structured daily to-do list with stylish gold binding, the Phenomenal Woman collection has the perfect note-taking companion for you.

The ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Notebook is both feminine in its design and inspiring in its content, featuring empowering quotes for women from admired feminists and leaders in modern history. The ‘Her Life is Her Art’ notepad features a layout suited to note-taking while the ‘She Runs the Day’ notepad provides a structured daily to-do list layout. This collection boasts custom illustrations and luxe finishes across the entire range.

All our leatherette products are monogrammable, meaning you can personalise them with your own initials, or make a special gift even more extraordinary!

To add monogramming details, click through to the individual product page.

Phenomenal Woman Essentials

A collection of office essentials for the Phenomenal Woman who isn’t prepared to miss a beat. Add a ‘Phenomenal Woman’ greeting card to make your gift to an extraordinary woman in your life even more special!

25% off when buying 5+ cards
45% off when buying 10+ cards

Phenomenal Woman Prints and Vision Boards

Need more inspiration? Designed to complement the Phenomenal Woman planners and notebooks, the vision board kit and curated collection of prints are the visual reminders you need of the phenomenal woman inside. Feel inspired everyday with words of wisdom from female visionaries, reminding you that whatever comes your way, you’ve got this!

Vision Board Kit