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  1. Wish these were in electronic version

    LH Team: We listened! Delighted now to offer the journal in a downloadable format.

  2. I can tell that quite a bit of effort went into creating this. The size is not sufficient to truly properly journal though. I understand the need to keep a planner portable, but this is a self-reflection journal that would probably be kept at home. It would be great if there could be a community created around this journal for us to find fellow growth seekers.

    LH Team: We designed the journal in a regular A5 size, as that is what our community prefers the most. However, you can certainly use the Make Your Mark notebook to supplement it!

  3. Love this journal!

  4. Bought it as a gift for a friend recently and she loved it

  5. The notebook is amazing! My friend was so happy.

  6. I’m using this for a women’s leadership group. It has lots of great ways to empower my employees.

  7. The ‘Make Your Mark Self-Coaching Journal’ is such a great gift that I’ve given it to a few friends and counting! This set went to friends with different needs, and they loved it. Thanks for crafting such elegant and useful products, LIH!

  8. Bought it as a birthday gift for a friend recently and she liked it so much with all the inspiring notes there

  9. Make your mark helps to think through what is most important to me, and can grow my personal and professional achievements based on my personal values

  10. I really like that this journal feels like having my therapist and career coach in the room with me even when they’re not. I haven’t dug too deep into this yet but I am so excited to keep working through this as I transition into a new job soon!

  11. Good

  12. Love love love this set. So motivating!!

  13. This is a gem! I gifted this to a friend. However quick feedback it wasn’t so clear from my friend who gave her the gift. I think this needs to changed. Gifting your products is an amazing allyship but if the “gift from” message is not there it’s a missed opportunity

    Comment from Leaders in Heels:

    Thank you Madelene for your lovely review. I checked on your order and it didn’t have any gift message. Your comment was that the order was a gift and so we made sure the parcel didn’t include any invoice or pricing information. We do offer personalised notes to be included with your gift. Thank you once again for your feedback and your recent purchase.

  14. I not only enjoy the exercises that get me thinking and reflecting, but also the quote and definitions. It’s definitely helped me focus and understand my passions that I’m now working to make into tangible goals.

  15. I love the content in this journal it they are made really well, easy to write in!!

LH Agenda Make Your Mark Journal Set
LH Agenda Make Your Mark Journal
Make Your Mark Leadership Journal Set by LH Agenda
LH Agenda Make Your Mark Journal
Make Your Mark Leadership Journal Set by LH Agenda
Make Your Mark Day Organisers
Make Your Mark Leadership Journal Set by LH Agenda