Phenomenal Woman Planner Black
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Phenomenal Woman Planner - Black
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Phenomenal Woman Planner Black
Leaders in Heels Monogramming

LH Planner – Weekly Medium – Black

(52 customer reviews)


An inspirational agenda that celebrates women, with specially designed pages to keep you focused on your big goals, and motivate you to turn your ‘one day’ into today.

Plan more than your day. Plan to be phenomenal.

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Product Description

These planners were created to celebrate you and make you feel great about being a woman, all while keeping you on track to achieve your big, audacious goals. Big picture planning, regular life check-ins, personal growth pages, and so much more help you move from dreaming to doing, so you can become the phenomenal woman you truly are! Kasia Gospos, CEO Leaders in Heels

What’s inside

Planning pages

  • Start-of-year life review, and exercises to visualise your dream day, define your values, plan your legacy and set a big vision for your life
  • Goals and project planning pages
  • Success routines planner to help you establish good habits
  • Yearly planner
  • A master to-do list for all your random ideas you’ll get to later
  • Monthly and quarterly planning pages
  • Quarterly personal growth plan
  • Monthly reflection
  • Quarterly reviews of your goals and key areas of your life
  • Year-end reflection
  • Lists pages specifically for: birthdays, special days, gifts, achievements and wins, and lessons learned
  • Summary page of your yearly goals and intentions located at the front of your planner


  • 12-month planner with flexible weekly vertical layout
  • Undated pages so you can start whenever you’re ready, or pause when you take a break—you can get full use out of every page
  • Space for your top weekly and daily priorities and to-do lists
  • Motivational quotes from incredible female visionaries and leaders, focusing on confidence, resilience, self-care, and getting things done
  • Daily tracker for what’s important to you (health habits, fitness level, water intake, etc.)
  • Week-in-review section to record your highlights, challenges, lessons, and gratitude

Other features

  • Easy-to-follow steps to get you started with your planner
  • 20 dot-grid pages for notes, sketching & brainstorming
  • Vegan leather
  • Gold foil on both outer and inner cover
  • Thread-bound design to make sure your planner lays flat open on any page
  • Multiple coloured ribbons
  • Printed on high-quality recycled 100GSM paper – beautiful, sustainable and good for the environment!
  • Compact and lightweight to fit easily in your handbag – 14.5 x 19.8cm (5.7″ x 7.7″)
  • 296 pages (2.3cm thickness overall/500g)

Matching accessories:

  • Pen loop – Black
  • Stickers & Tabs set – Black

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Recommended by

52 reviews for LH Planner – Weekly Medium – Black

  1. Kassandra Ayala-Najera (Verified Buyer)

    I would loved to have a little pocket at the end of the agenda.

  2. Zena H. (Verified Buyer)

    I find the planner really useful in keeping me focused and helping me have a very grounded view of my achievements and learnings. I look forward to the weekly and monthly reflections and they help me build a very positive narrative of my life.

  3. Kathleen (Verified Buyer)

    I did not want the vertical planner. Information on website was too confusing ?

  4. Tiffany Choo (Verified Buyer)

    Haven’t found a better planner! Trust me, I tried.

  5. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Gorgeous and truly the ultimate culmination of all the various planning tools and journal structures. Anyone using this will both build greater self awareness and ground in some adaptive planning tools perfect for almost any scenario. Will absolutely recommend and purchase again! You search for the perfect planner is over ladies! Look no further!

  6. Kristen Knowles (Verified Buyer)

    It is lovely and I love the setup of it and the prompts. I also love that it is not dated, so I can start whenever.

  7. Marlie (Verified Buyer)

    A tad bit difficult to navigate but works quite well!

  8. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    A lovely and functional tool to stay focused on what matters.

  9. Tegan (Verified Buyer)

    Great Quilty and well thought out

  10. Angela (Verified Buyer)

    This is my second year using this monthly planner. The update to the planner is fantastic, the weekly spread is much nice. I am so happy to have this in my arsenal.

  11. Lauren Shiels (Verified Buyer)

    Third year purchasing 🙂

  12. Cynthia (Verified Buyer)

    This is my third planner – the layouts are so helpful to keep me on track with my goals and daily/monthly/quarterly activities, commitments and routines. I always look forward to the new releases!

  13. Melissa Sigman (Verified Buyer)

    I love this thing! It’s just what I needed to get and stay on track while working from home. The way the book is designed, really helps me focus on my short and long term goals, as well as organize a plan to achieve them. I’m very pleased with my purchase!! I’ll order again for sure 🙂

  14. Elizabeth

    i absolutely love the motivational quotes throughout the planner! i love how you can begin at any time of the year w/o feeling that you’ve just wasted a couple of months of valuable pages. most importantly i love the size, perfect enough to carry with me anywhere.

  15. shannon G. (Verified Buyer)

    This book was very well packaged in an eco book box and came with a number of beautiful printouts and information leaflets. The book itself was excellent quality with so much detail on how to plan and organise your year. I gave this as a gift to a friend and she LOVED it too!

  16. Christine D. (Verified Buyer)

    This planner is phenomenal! Every time I turn the page I feel organized, productive, and energized. I am so happy to have found LIH.

  17. Devon (Verified Buyer)

    I love this!

  18. Erin S. (Verified Buyer)

    The product was great however I was disappointed that Leaders in Heels do not offer gift vouchers. As I was attempting to purchase a gift there was some anxiety that I was not going to select the correct one due to the fact that gift vouchers are not something this company offers

  19. Tanya H. (Verified Buyer)

    There’s going to be four very happy daughters and daughters in law in our house this Christmas with a monogrammed planner. Beautiful, classic, classy, SOOOOOOOOO useful!

  20. Wendy

    Wow, I am so glad that I found Leaders in Heels. I went through a rough period about 12 months ago and Leaders in Heels has helped me get my confidence back on track.

  21. Claire (Verified Buyer)

    Lovely quality can’t think of anything that would improve my gorgeous planner. I have also bought them as gifts and the recipients have said what a thoughtful and personal gift

  22. Marie

    I bought the Make it Happen Daily Planner and the Phenomenal Woman Planner in Black. Happy with my purchases. Leaders in heels notebooks help me remain focussed on improving in the present to attain future focused goals

  23. Marie

    In the past I have found that writing down my goals for the year and breaking them into bite sized steps has really helped….. although the notebook novelty wears off and I do end up achieving most, I find I put everyone else up front as a priority and little me gets left behind.

    Now I have my beautiful black “Phenomenal Woman Planner” for 2019 (yes, gold initials on it too!) the year has already started with a rush. So many things I have already ticked off my list!

    I’m actually going to have to think of new goals and some more milestones for the rest of the year… at this rate I’ll run out 🙂

  24. Richelle McDonald (Verified Buyer)

    The Phenomenal Woman diary is perfect and exactly what I need. Last year I created my own diary as I couldn’t find one that had all of the “ingredients” I wanted. I’m thrilled I don’t have to this year as I have found the perfect planner fo my needs.

  25. Michelle (Verified Buyer)

    The product is excellent quality. I love the pages at the beginning where you really have to think about who you are and what’s important you.

  26. MaryAnn Gramig (Verified Buyer)

    Leaders in Heels is exactly what I needed to get me focused and organized as I launched my own company and website! It’s fresh and dynamic while being serious and focused on real success. It is making a difference in helping me put my best “heel” forward! Thank you, LIH!

  27. Kelly McDonnell


  28. Ashley Sterrenburg (Verified Buyer)

    I purchased the make it happen daily and phenomenal woman planners and they have helped me be more organized and stay on track with my goals but most importantly to prioritize my time so I’m not caught up doing things that arent important. I have really enjoyed my planners and I dont know if I could survive without them now!

  29. Jena Gribble (Verified Buyer)

    This little journal made the perfect gift for my best friend embarking on a new journey in her life. Thank you for making such a beautiful, giftable product.

  30. Kylie Heath (Verified Buyer)

    Beautifully presented and full of information. I love my beautiful inspirational stationary and the time out I now take to work on making an improved version of me! Thanks Kasia

  31. Monica (Verified Buyer)

    Love my new planner! I enjoy the exercises at the beginning that allows you to clearly map out your passions and goals. And the layout of the planner makes me organized and accountable. I’m definitely going to be a life long customer!

  32. Becky Jelic (Verified Buyer)

    The LIH Phenomenal Women Planner has been fantastic for helping me turn ideas into goal and keep me on track with them! As a Business Development Coach, I find the tips & tricks are also useful for me to use with my clients.

  33. Linda

    I love it, I thought it was going to be a bit larger, I’m almost 48 years old, so reading glasses are needed. Lol. However its great, I absolutely love it. It takes “planner” to the next level.

  34. Karen Legault (Verified Buyer)

    This is the first planner I have seen that provides me the opportunity to focus on yearly, monthly and weekly planning that goes way beyond pages of checklists. I love the flexibility with the calendaring system and the monthly checkin portion!

  35. Tracy Souter (Verified Buyer)

    I have been diarising my dreams, goals and
    intentions for years yet never found such a beautiful, complete and thoughtfully created product to guide me. I loved it so much I had to purchase more for girlfriends. It is so helpful, keeping me on track and is motivating me to continually use it.
    Your story, vision and commitment to create and develop such beautiful products is truly inspiring. Thank You

  36. Kobi (Verified Buyer)

    I love the look & quality of the planner, and I love all of the goal setting & review sections. However I find the day sections far too small. So much so that I find I’m having to use another planner for daily tasks. While I love a few things about the planner unfortunately it would definitely stop me from purchasing again.

  37. Andre Marie, National Business Analyst (Verified Buyer)

    Quality is good, content was better than I expected. The second delivery was one item short – it was fixed very quickly which was impressive. I know it was obviously just an error and we all make mistakes sometimes but it was great to see it being dealt with as well as it was. I have no negative comments regarding the purchase or products I think they are fantastic as do all the wonderful women I gave them to.

  38. Elizabeth Lea (Verified Buyer)

    I am really enjoying my Leaders in Heels Planner. It’s helped me clarify what I want to achieve this year and focus on the steps I need to take to work towards each goal. The planner is gorgeous and it feels quite indulgent to give myself time to sit and think about how I want this year to look, when really it’s the best thing I could do to create a happy, productive and fulfilling 2018.

  39. Michelle, Franchise Owner

    They were delivered so quickly – especially at busy Christmas time. I bought the floral one for myself (which I LOVE) and the monogrammed one for my sister – which she absolutely loved. She had never owned anything with her initials on it!

  40. Leanne (Verified Buyer)

    I bought a planer for myself and one for a gift. I was really excited to get it and I love it.

  41. Sharon Stolt (Verified Buyer)

    This planner is fantastic – it’s unlike anything else out there, and I’ve tried almost all of them. What I love most is that it’s designed to think in weekly chunks – that’s exactly how I think about my time! I love to sit down with this planner on Sunday and plot out one or two weeks ahead. Even though it’s the perfect size for taking everywhere, there is still an amazing amount of space for planning business & personal tasks each week. The dreaming, planning, goal-setting, and project-tracking sheets are phenomenal – there’s truly something (or several somethings) in here for everyone! My absolute favorite was the Dream Day; taking time to think that through actually changed the way I approach my business and my life! I couldn’t recommend this product more highly, it’s the best planning tool I’ve found.

  42. Nicky (Verified Buyer)

    Use this personally and for work. I also bought one for each of my peers and as a team we will use this to reinforce and remind us of our key values and goals for the year. Helps us to stay on track in a high pressure environment.

  43. Catrina (Verified Buyer)

    Loved the quality and content. Even the details and presentation of the packaging are excellent and inspiring

  44. Carmen A. Wells (Verified Buyer)

    Love this product and can’t wait to use it to meet my 2018 career goals

    Carmen A. Wells
    Community Corrections Manager

  45. Carol (Verified Buyer)

    Love everything about the diary, quality is brilliant, favourite part is the monogrammed cover

  46. Jennifer Bradford (Verified Buyer)

    Very inspirational for women of all ages. I purchased these for friends as Christmas gifts and they were very well received.

  47. Christine (Verified Buyer)

    The planners were an excellent gift, thought provoking and honest questions to make you think about your authentic self.

  48. Rachael (Verified Buyer)

    Beautiful and inspiring. I bought one for my sister so we’re going to empower each other

  49. Melanie (Verified Buyer)

    Absolutely exceptional ! So good I bought one each for my two best friends !!! Luv luv luv it ❤️?❤️????

  50. Mel lack (Verified Buyer)

    Product is the best on the market ! Love love love my planner ❤️ Will be ordering one each year for myself and my family ?? Mel Lack

  51. Shireen Legal Assistant (Verified Buyer)

    Phenomenal woman planner is a planner that has everything you need in one place. It is compact enough to carry around so it is handy when you need it.

  52. Fi Bendall

    I don’t usually add reviews …or it’s hard to get me too! But I am ordering a number of these for clients as Christmas gifts. The personal and professional way as well as design of these planners are great. ❤️❤️❤️

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1-15 of 344 reviews
  1. Perfect!

  2. This planner is so beautiful and unique. I don’t mind the tiny scuff mark on its cover.

    Image #1 from Cassandra Salamone
  3. I have been buying the same journal for 4 or 5 years now and I love the changes you guys have made to the weekly layout. However, I always wonder if it can be a little shorter for those that have had it before and don’t need pages of explanations that make the journal bigger and heavier. I also find that some sections are quite repetitive to previous years and I skipped them this year since I feel like I’m repeating myself and don’t need to go over it again (for example self discovery and my environment). You cover all the bases with the journal, which is great for a wide audience but
    I feel like I would be content with a day planner that focused on setting 3 goals, self care routines for the year, monthly plan and reflection and the wish list and dreams sections. But to be honest, I was looking at getting a different journal (most likely from you still but just as a dayplanner) for next year as I think there are other tools out there that cover end of year reflection and beginning of year goal setting that fit me better.

  4. I really love this book – a colleague gave it to me a gift three years ago and now buy one each year. I do my planning for the year ahead in Dec/Jan and when I assess at the end of the year, I am always fascinated as to how much one can achieve if you track it. thank you

  5. I have two homes to plan for now and using your system has helped me organize my thoughts.

  6. This system is helping me express my thoughts and feeling

  7. Purchased this as a gift for ky mentor who was moving to another state. The planner itself was beautiful. However I paid $25 for express shipping and despite this my package took ten days to arrive, which meant I was already away on leave and was not able to personally give it to her. Disappointing given I have checked the estimated delivery and it promised a much shorter time frame of 1 to 3 days.

    LH Team: Hi Georgena, thank you for sharing your feedback. I appreciate your kind words about the planner and understand the importance of timely deliveries, especially for special occasions. I recognise that the shipping timeframe did not align with your expectations, and I want to address your concerns.

    Our standard processing time for orders is 1-3 business days, in addition to the chosen shipping option. Your order was placed on Wednesday afternoon, 20th December, and it was shipped promptly within 2 business days on Friday, 22nd December.

    The estimated delivery time for express shipping is 1-3 business days + processing time 1-3 business days, and your order had an attempted delivery within 3 business days altogether on 27th December, right after public holidays. While this is within the specified timeframe, I understand that it did not meet your specific needs.

    In the future, if you decide to place another order, you can opt for the “skip the queue” option during busy seasons for a 24-hour processing time. Additionally, giving yourself a bit more time for shipping during peak periods can help ensure your gift arrives on time.

    Once again, I appreciate your feedback and understanding. If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

  8. Was a present for my daughter and she loves it

  9. Love my organised diary. Keeping me on track with my goals

  10. This is my third LH Agenda and I’ve historically loved their weekly planners and monthly desktop images. I had some trouble deciding this year because my preferred color/style options were the weekly large. I chose to go with the medium daily planner and was willing to have a thicker book. However, I feel like this product misled me to believe it was another 12-month planner with descriptions like “yearly planner” and “year end reflection.”

  11. This set was a Christmas gift for my niece. She is starting her own business and is very pleased with these useful and lovely monogrammed pieces.

  12. I bought one last year and loved it so I have bought again this year. Simple and compact enough but also helps me stay focused and on track

  13. Thank you so much LH AGENDA! I got this little black set for my boss and she was very happy! She said she was just looking at something like that for 2024! I see her using it everyday now! Thank you very much. The gift wrapping was very delicate. Thank you a lot!

  14. Got that for a doctor that I’m working with as a Christmas present! She was ecstatic!!!!Thank you LH AGENDA!!!The best gift to give on Christmas.

  15. So pretty and functional

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Weight 0.489 kg
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296 pages (2.3cm thick)


Designed in Australia, printed in China

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